Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mayor Daley signs onto repeal of foie gras ban

Mayor Daley signs onto repeal of foie gras ban please help spread the word! email him! USE YOUR VOICE!!!

Associated PressSeptember 15, 2006, 10:17 AM

Just after his successful veto on the "big-box" minimum wage ordinance, Mayor Richard M. Daley is ready to bring back the foie gras. He called last month's city council ban on serving the delicacy made of goose or duck liver in restaurants "the funniest law they ever passed" and has signed onto a repeal proposal introduced by two aldermen.

Alderman Bernard Stone, who co-sponsored the proposal, said that the ban has made Chicago a laughingstock across the nation. His co-sponsor Alderman Burton Natarus, who voted in favor of the ban, said he had a change of heart after talking to more people in the restaurant industry and animal welfare activists. Foie gras is made by force-feeding geese and ducks so their livers expand up to 10 times their normal size. The city initially banned it because of concerns of animal cruelty. The council's Health Committee will vote on the issue and decide if it should be brought before the city council.

Daley has openly criticized the ban, calling it "one of the silliest, silliest decisions anyone ever made" and wondering why the council even dealt with it at all at a time when the city faces far more serious issues. But he did not veto it when it passed in April. Now, coming off a major victory when supporters of the "big-box" ordinance that would have required mega-retailers to pay higher wages could not override his veto, Daley told reporters the foie gras ban is "another we're going to take care of, too."

Doing so may not be too difficult, said the mayor's press secretary Jacqueline Heard. "My sense at this point is that there is not a lot of work needed," she said. "Even some supporters have acknowledged that, though it might have been well-intentioned, it certainly is not placing the city in a very positive light nationally." Copyright © 2006, The Associated Press

james bond is anti-foie gras? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!!


James Bond vs. Foie Gras
Sir Roger Moore, a.k.a. James Bond, used to eat foie gras. But when he learned about the dark side of the industry, he vowed never to eat this "delicacy of despair" again, and he volunteered to narrate a documentary about the cruelty of foie gras production. Read more about Special Agent 007's battle against the foie gras industry. here

Friday, September 08, 2006

September 8, 2006

Well, the NYC Primary Election is coming up in a few days, & I called the friends of Hilary in New York City to see what Hills stance on our issue is. They had absolutely no clue what I was talking about when I asked her stand on the foie gras issue. She basically said the same thing as my boyfriend, who told everyone for weeks I was standing up against folk rock.

Why is it important to you who is in charge of NY State?

Easy the largest foie gras farm is in Hudson Valley, NY. AND they just got a grant from NY state because they are such a financial & economic staple of NY state.

Yep someone else is getting rich off of cruelty.

Please contact Hilary, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, and tell her why this is an important issue. It takes 3 minutes, is free, and makes more of an impact than you will ever know. Thank you!!


also, if you live in the area, or you are a New Yorker... check out the Green Party candidate that is running against Hillary...

Today's feather::
September 7, 2006

today's chicago tribune article::

By Phil Vettel
Tribune restaurant critic
Published September 7, 2006

The Ban Heard 'Round the World, Chicago's anti foie-gras ordinance, continues to attract attention beyond the city limits. Oak Park's Holley Court Terrace, a retirement community, recently served foie gras at its cocktail hour to demonstrate solidarity with Chicago chefs.(http://www.seniorhousingnet.com/seniors/search/brochure/pr_printable.jhtml?pid=552994)

And in Kansas City, the restaurant SOReduxhas announced that September is "Freedom Gras" month, including complimentary samples of foie gras with entrees to customers who request it.(I tried to locate this restaurant, but could not find anything about it on the webcould be fake?)

Please contact::
Today's feather::
September 6, 2006

part of helping out the cause is helping out the people behind them.please do this:

This is from Amandah from PAFA. I'm writing to ask your help in our fundraising department (it's free to you!). Simply use Goodseach as your internet search engine. Goodsearch has teamed up with PAFA, and they have agreed to pay us a penny for every internet search you make!It may not seem like a lot at first, but it really adds up! At the end of the year, they send a check to us for the aquired amount, which we will use to fund crucial campaigns to end animal abuse (we're working out of our pockets at the moment!)!

How do you do it?!
1. Go to Goodsearch.com.
2. Either a) Bookmark it! or b) Download the Goodsearch toolbar (recommended).It takes about 10 seconds, and barely takes up any space.It is also extremely convienent!
3. The first time you use Goodsearch, type "pafa" into the "I'm Supporting.." box, which is located directly underneath the first search box. "Philadelphia Advocates for Animals" will pop up, and stay if you have cookies enabled (most computers have automatic cookies).
4. Search away! Every time you search for anything, you'll help us raise crucial funding for the animals!

We really need the help!Thank you so much!If you have any questions, please send us a message!For the animals, Amandah @ PAFA

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's feather::
Friday September 1, 2006

is to go to the myspace group http://groups.myspace.com/banfoiegras and learn about the issue! it will take 2 seconds to see what is being posted! :)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today's feather::
Thursday August 31, 2006

Today's feather is a BIG ONE! sorry i posted this so late..

so here goes...today your mission is to contact the mayor of chicago. recently the chicago city council took a HUGE moral step towards compassion, and this week, the foie gras ban went into full affect. the ban is to keep people from selling foie gras, so the local french snooty chefs started to give foie gras away for free. even on pizza! what did the mayor do? he was quoted calling the ban "silly" in the chicago tribune ("Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has called the foie gras ban the "silliest law" the City Council has ever passed. "). there are also rumors he is going to try to overturn this law.please contact the honorable mayor daley & try to persuade him to stiffen up the compassion! there is a reason this practice is banned in so many countries, and pending in so many us places! please remind him how good this ban makes chicago look!

Email: MayorDaley@cityofchicago.org

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's feather::
August 30, 2006

Since word of mouth is ALWAYS key, please help get the word out about the foie gras issue!

Today please tell 3 people that you know about the foie gras issue -or- email this blog, www.nofoiegras.org, or www.stopforcefeeding.com to three of your friends. Encourage them to do the same. The more people who are familiar with the issue, the better!

Feather by feather we can save the duck.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's feather::
August 29, 2006

Today please write a quick review of a restaurant that you have been to before, that does not serve foie gras. Even if it is your local pizzaria, write how and why you are a loyal customer.

Flattery gets you everywhere, and gets them one up on the competition. Plus, supporting restaurants that do not serve foie gras means making that much more impact.
if you have a yahoo.com account, yahoo is great for this! :)