Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today's feather::
Thursday August 31, 2006

Today's feather is a BIG ONE! sorry i posted this so late..

so here your mission is to contact the mayor of chicago. recently the chicago city council took a HUGE moral step towards compassion, and this week, the foie gras ban went into full affect. the ban is to keep people from selling foie gras, so the local french snooty chefs started to give foie gras away for free. even on pizza! what did the mayor do? he was quoted calling the ban "silly" in the chicago tribune ("Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has called the foie gras ban the "silliest law" the City Council has ever passed. "). there are also rumors he is going to try to overturn this law.please contact the honorable mayor daley & try to persuade him to stiffen up the compassion! there is a reason this practice is banned in so many countries, and pending in so many us places! please remind him how good this ban makes chicago look!



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